SIFF Donations to Local Conservation Programs

Sea Island Fly Fishers, in line with its mission to promote conservation of our marine ecosystems, recently presented a $1000 donation to each of several local programs. These donations, made possible by membership support, will go toward the furtherance of conservation initiatives and protecting the natural environment. Being good stewards of our fishery, members of the Sea Island Fly Fishers recognize the importance of preserving natural resources for future generations and is committed to doing its part in supporting local conservation efforts. Sea Island Fly Fishers hopes that these donations will inspire others in the community to get involved and give their support as well.

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SIFF Litter Pick-Up Day

In furtherance of our mission to be good stewards of our fisheries and waterways, Sea Island Fly Fishers, in partnership with Beaufort County’s Adopt a Highway program, held an inaugural litter pick up event on Saturday, February 25th at the Broad River fishing pier. Pickup tools and bags were provided by the county. Seven members of the Sea Island Fly Fishers came together that day and spent several hours scouring the road side leading to the fishing pier. In that time, a large pile of trash and debris was collected from the hillsides and dense growth that covers them. Several bags from the boat launch area were also picked up. Of note was the front end of a car, a water softener system, a car alternator, and a perfectly functional spinning reel.

The intrepid members of the clean up crew included Trent Bentzel, Tom Denny (not pictured), Bill Despo, Stodd McEwan, John Mathews, Tommy Sloan, and Tom Onisko.

This event was a great success and all involved agreed that the program should continue. Watch the events calendar for our next clean up day!