SIFF Membership Questionnaire

Sea Island Fly Fishers (SIFF) is a fly fishing club with a home base in Beaufort, South Carolina. SIFF was founded in 1996 with the purpose of promoting fly fishing, improving water quality, safeguarding the environment, and fishery management programs. The club is composed of about one hundred and twenty men, women, and young adults who participate in monthly meetings (except summer), casting clinics, fly tying instruction, and social activities. SIFF is interested in member participation and conducts fly-only-tournaments, club trips, and encourages members to help with projects like oyster restoration, osprey survey, and Casting For Recovery. SIFF welcomes all fly fishers of any experience level. If this sounds like an organization for you, please fill out the below questionnaire and click “Submit” when complete. You will then be offered a chance to make your annual dues contribution. Thank you for your interest in SIFF!

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