SIFF Fly Tying Expo

The Sea Island Fly Fishers held a free fly tying “Expo” at the Port Royal Sound Foundation’s classroom on Saturday, March 18th between 9:30 am and 12 noon.

The gathering was the “kickoff” event to restart SIFF’s fly tying program. It was open to everyone interested in flies, tying flies, the art of fly tying, fly fishing, and fishing the Lowcountry via wading or boating.  Giving of their time and experience were noted and expert tiers from the SIFF membership as well as those from the Lowcountry fly fishing community. Tiers demonstrated and discussed tying their favorite fly patterns and shared their knowledge of fly fishing the Lowcountry with all those attending.

On hand were SIFF members: John Holbrook tying his Lowcountry Fiddler. Jack Baggette demonstrating the Merkin Crab, discussing articulated flies, and showing a fly testing tank. Bill Scheider tying Lefty’s Deceiver. Tom Sferlazzo tying his creative Crab and Shrimp patterns. Rob Lawrence constructed a number of Merkin Crab variations. John Mathews tied John’s Crab and demonstrated innovative weed guard techniques.

Joining the event was Capt. Alex Altman from Southern Drawl Outfitters in Bluffton. Alex tied the Deer Hair Redfish Slider as well as other flies that he ties for the shop.

Also joining us was Andy Nazak of Trout Unlimited fame. Andy tied a number of beautiful and intricate dry flies for the attendees.

All those in attendance, presenters and visitors alike, had a very favorable opinion on the event and felt that SIFF should hold similar events in the future!

Thanks to everyone for making this event a success!

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