Osprey Monitoring Program – Sign Up Page

In December 2021 and January 2022, just prior to nesting season, the Sea Island Flyfishers, in partnership with the Low Country Institute of the Spring Island Trust and the College of William and Mary’s Osprey Watch program, will once again be seeking volunteers from our membership to monitor osprey nests throughout Beaufort County. Osprey Watch is a global community of observers focused on documenting breeding osprey. There is no charge to participate and new volunteers to the program are welcome. Volunteer observations are entered into an international database through the OspreyWatch website.

We anticipate 3 options to report your observations:

  1. You may become a registered observer with Osprey Watch and enter your data directly into the repository through their website.
  2. You may e-mail your observations to OspreyWatch@seaislandflyfishers.org and a SIFF member will enter the data into the repository.
  3. You may phone in your observations (number to be determined) and a SIFF member will enter the data into the repository.

Thank you for your interest in the program. Please complete the questionnaire below so that we can establish a list of those interested in participating. You will be contacted individually with details and your reporting preference can be established.