Ultra Shrimp

On May 20th, with the assistance of Ken Prager, SIFF Fly Tying Chair, we tied a pattern by Bob Popovics, a 2014 inductee into the Fly Fishing Hall of Fame.

Living Seaside Park, New Jersey, a small town on a slim barrier island with Barnegat Bay on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other, it’s no surprise that Bob Popovics is a die-hard saltwater fly-fisher. He specializes in casting from the surf for striped bass, bluefish, and false albacore as they prowl the ocean’s edge, ever in search of prey.His knowledge of these fish and their habits has made him a master angler. Popovics’s book, Pop Fleyes: Bob Popovics’s Approach to Saltwater Fly Design, co-authored by Ed Jaworowski, revolutionized saltwater fly-fishing with a suite of patterns that employed new techniques and materials to produce lifelike imitations of the forage fish of the Atlantic coast. The Surf Candy, the Jiggy, the Bucktail Deceiver, the Ultra Shrimp, the Siliclone, the Bob’s Banger and many more were introduced to the world in Pop Fleyes, and countless anglers have tied them and used them to catch truly memorable fish in the 14 years since the book’s publication. No wonder Popovics’s friend Lefty Kreh has called him “the most innovative fly-tyer I have ever known.”

credit: Catskill fly fishing center & museum

Materials List:

Hook: Size 4 to 8 Saltwater Hook (Daiichi 2546, Tiemco 810)
Thread: Tan monocord or clear mono
Mouth: Super Hair (color to match your shrimp) Green, White, Clear, Tan, Pink
Eyes: 30 lb. mono and adding a drop of UV Resin or crab eyes
Flash: Pearl Krystal Flash
Underbody: Two strips of .030 lead free wire
Body: UV dubbing color to match shrimp. (Pearl, Green, Tan, Pink)
Back: Super Hair
Shellback: Thick UV Resin (Solarez) or Glow in the Dark for muddy waters or night fishing)
Legs: Brown or tan hackle

Remember: Tiers of all levels are welcome from beginner to expert.  If you are so equipped, don’t forget a craft light and your tying gear.  There is no fee required for participation. We encourage tiers to seek out the listed materials at their favorite fly shop. However, we have an adequately stocked “club box” to supplement the tiers’ supplies. For beginners, we also have a number of tying vises and craft lights for your use. Show support for your club by marking your calendar for the third Thursday of every month to attend fly tying at the Port Royal Sound Foundation’s Classroom.

Questions? Contact Ken at 610-999-9897