The Marsh Shrimp

Our February 17th fly pattern was The Marsh Shrimp.  This month’s presenter, long time SIFF member John Mathews, borrowed from other successful shrimp patterns and incorporated some different and new materials to produce a shrimp imitation that works extremely well at fooling Reds in our tidal marshes. This fly is just one of four of John’s flies he has developed for fishing Reds in the tidal marsh and is part of the pack of flies given to attendants as part of the club’s very popular Marsh Sense Clinic.  Not did the attendees learn to tie a highly effective fly, but their efforts providedd a chance to give back to the club.  One goal for this fly tying class was to teach as many people as possible how to tie this fly and then tie as many as can be tied for the purpose of meeting the Marsh Sense Clinic’s demand. Click Here for tying instructions

The Marsh Shrimp image

Materials List:

  • Hook 1/0 Eagle Claw O’Saghenesy
  • Daville Flat Wax 2/0 thread, Blk/Dark
  • Medium Black Dumbbell eyes
  • Medium Length Metallic Hackle
  • Congo Hair or EP Fiber
  • Bear Hair
    Copper Starburst Dubbing
  • 18 or 20 pound test Nickle Titanium wire for weed guard
  • Black Marker for Barring
  • Medium Legs(optional)

Tiers of all levels are always welcome from beginner to expert.  If you are so equipped, don’t forget a craft light and your tying gear.  There is no fee required for participation. We encourage tiers to seek out the listed materials at their favorite fly shop. However, we have an adequately stocked “club box” to supplement the tiers’ supplies. For beginners, we also have a number of tying vises and craft lights for your use.

Questions? Contact Ken at 610-999-9897