Swimming Shrimp

In June, we continued tying shrimp patterns to add options to our fly boxes. During our regular monthly fly tying workshop, our Fly Tying Committee Chairperson, Ken Prager, guided us through tying this lifelike shrimp pattern, the Swimming Shrimp.

This shrimp is meant to be fished swimming. The weed guard should help reduce foul hooking casts while swimming through grass on our low country flats. Shrimp are small early in the season, so a size 4 is recommended this early in the year. We tested our ties in the fly tester, so we could see whether our flies tracked properly.

Swimming Shrimp Materials List

  • Hook- saltwater size 4
  • Thread – mono or white 3/0, or 140 denier
  • Eyes – black mono
  • Antennae- black and pearl Krystal flash
  • Horn and tail – white ultra hair, supreme hair, or unique hair
  • Body – pink or tan dubbing picked out
  • Underbody – pink or pearl braid
  • Weed guard- 30 lb. hard mono
  • Shell back – solarez thick resin

Please check our Events Calendar for next month’s pattern! All skill levels are welcome. Remember the club is in a position to help beginners with materials and tools to complete the featured fly. Show support for your club by marking your calendar for the third Thursday of every month to attend fly tying.