Red and White Articulated Diver

On March 18th, at our regular fly tying workshop, we tied the Red and White Articulated Diver fly. This pattern was designed to imitate a red and white Rapala X-Rap® Saltwater SubWalk™ which is meant to perform a swimming action just below the surface with side-to-side motion.

Materials List:
Hook – S71 SS sz 1 or 2 or saltwater long shank equivalent
Articulated shank – Fish Skull 35 mm
Diving lip – FlyLipps from Waspi
Tail – marabou blood quill cream
Body – Gamechanger clear GC 65
Top fin – UV polar chenille gold pcuv153
Head – Estaz Grande red #16
Thread – tan body, red head 3/0 or 140 denier

Remember: Tiers of all levels are welcome from beginner to expert.  If you are so equipped, don’t forget a craft light and your tying gear.  There is no fee required for participation. We encourage tiers to seek out the listed materials at their favorite fly shop. However, we have an adequately stocked “club box” to supplement the tiers’ supplies. For beginners, we also have a number of tying vises and craft lights for your use. Show support for your club by marking your calendar for the third Thursday of every month to attend fly tying at the Port Royal Sound Foundation’s Classroom.

Questions? Contact Ken at 610-999-9897.