Medium Shrimp Patterns

Shrimp is the dominate redfish food as the summer months continue. Tying shrimp in a bigger size better represents the summer period. Both white shrimp and brown shrimp are available to redfish and speckled trout in the summertime. These two medium sized patterns will match the hatch in size & color. You just need to add presentation and movement to close the deal once you have found the fish. Both of these patterns use material available at our local fly shops. We will tie both of these easily tied flies at the August 19th session at the PRSF classroom 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm. All welcome. Remember the club is in a position to help beginners with materials and tools to complete these two flies.

Materials:  Medium shrimp brown

Thread – tan or brown 3/0 , or 140 denier
Hook- Ahrex wide gap gammerus NS 172 sz 1, or 2
Eye – small or med lead dumbell
Tail – white or tan craft fur with black marking
Body – craft fur or other synthetic in a brush/dubbing loop
Head – brown hackle or synthetic tied in a loop
Weed guard- 30 lb. mason hard mono

Medium shrimp white

Thread – tan
Hook – Mustad 35007 or 34011 size 1 or 2
Tail – tan it light olive craft fur
Eyes – sm or med dumbell
Legs – clear speckled silli legs
Body – gold estaz
Weed guard – 30 lb. mason hard mono

Remember: Tiers of all levels are welcome from beginner to expert.  If you are so equipped, don’t forget a craft light and your tying gear.  There is no fee required for participation. We encourage tiers to seek out the listed materials at their favorite fly shop. However, we have an adequately stocked “club box” to supplement the tiers’ supplies. For beginners, we also have a number of tying vises and craft lights for your use.Show support for your club by marking your calendar for the third Thursday of every month to attend fly tying.

Questions? Contact Ken at 610-999-9897.