Tom’s Fiddler Crab Fly

In October, our presenter was fellow SIFF member, Tom Sferlazzo. Tom’s love of fly fishing began some 20 years ago, and his interest in fly tying started when moving to the Oldfield Community. He spent a good amount of time at the Outfitters Center there and, with guidance from a dedicated team of guides and other fly fishers, gained an appreciation for making a catch with his own fly creations and handcrafted fly rods.

In keeping with this Fall’s flats fishing opportunities (tailing reds), Tom led us in tying a simple pattern that features a flat feather that replicates the top shell of a large fiddler crab. It used a recipe that includes materials most of us have in our inventory. It is a simple tie that casts and performs well when casting a 6,7 or 8wt rod.

Materials List:

  • Hook -Mustad C70S D size 2 or equivalent  Thread – 140 denier light green or brown
  • Pheasant feathers or Guinea hen feathers or equivalent flat feather – can be found @ craft stores 
  • Congo Hair or EP Fibers – medium brown & light green 
  • Raccoon tail pieces
  • Hareline Pseudo eyes – small nickel chartreuse or equivalent
  • Weed guard – 40lb. hard mono or wire equivalent 

Please check our Events Calendar for each month’s pattern! All skill levels are welcome. Remember the club is in a position to help beginners with materials and tools to complete the featured fly. Show support for your club by marking your calendar for the third Thursday of every month to attend fly tying.