Cobia Fly

The fly pattern for May 19th was a Cobia Fly!

We tied the fly in red and white along with a variety of other colors chosen by the tier. These are materials that we have in our inventories from other patterns we have previously tied.

Cobia Fly

Materials List:

  • Hook – Saltwater safe sz 2/0 or 3/0
  • Thread – black 210
  • Tail – magnum rabbit strip white over white bucktail
  • Body – magnum rabbit strip wound to form body
  • Head – red deer belly hair spun and clipped to shape.
  • Eye – 3/8 or largest you can find
  • Glue for eyes – e6000
  • Having a cauderizer helps setting the eyes

A substantial hook is needed that will not be bent by a large cobia. The black and grey version in the picture are mounted on TMC 600SP. The downside to using this hook is the cost. About a buck. This color combination was successful in landing a cobia last May.  Other good combinations include tip dyed rabbit strips with a dark head. And chartreuse can be incorporated in the pattern to your liking. See you on the third Thursday, May 19th!  – Ken

Tiers of all levels are welcome from beginner to expert!  Registration is not required and there is no fee to participate in the workshop.

Questions? Contact Ken at 610-999-9897