Baby Dolphin

In September, I introduced a fly that uses materials we all have already purchased and used in SIFF tying in the past.  Here is a good use of the special style ahrex hook.  Add only one new material ( peacock sword) and we are ready to tackle this weedless attractive baby dolphin fly. Using the technique that we used for crab flies (tying small bundles (6) of long materials onto the hook) creates the full body.  Adding a realistic top fin with a peacock sword completes this creative pattern. — Regards, Ken Prager

Materials List

Hook – Ahrex PR380 Predator
Thread – 140/210 green
Eye – small dome
Body – green EP fibre or equivalent synthetic
Top fin – peacock sword
Colorings – black or dark green sharpie
Extra tool needed –  comb/brush to form a full body

Please check our Events Calendar for next month’s pattern! All skill levels are welcome. Remember the club is in a position to help beginners with materials and tools to complete the featured fly. Show support for your club by marking your calendar for the third Thursday of every month to attend fly tying.