Will’s Crab

By Ken Prager

Will’s crab was created to imitate small olive brown crustaceans typically found in dark bottom brackish saltwater. It has been productive for redfish in the Pamplico Sound NC, and Corpus Christi TX, as well as here in the Lowcountry. It has resided in the good side of my fly box since the 1980’s. Originally tied on a standard black upeye hook as seen in the pix below. Now tied on a jig hook with better hookup success.

Hook – Umpqua x series model xs 506 BN sz 4 or 2
Eye – red with black pupil on sz med or small dumbbell
Tail – olive maribou
Flash – 1/64th flashabou
Body – olive brown dubbing
Rib – gold wire
Hackle – grizzly palmered over the body
Note: we now use a jig style hook not shown in pix
Weed guard – your choice