PRSF Citizen Science Program

The Port Royal Sound Foundation‘s Citizen Science Program in partnership with Adopt a Stream, is led by the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control as well as the Clemson University Center for Watershed Excellence.  This is a state-wide “hands on” water quality monitoring program where volunteers go out and actually test the waters at multiple sites on a regular basis and enter data into a consolidated database. 

Prior to starting out, volunteers are trained and certified in sampling methods.  A volunteer needs only to have the time and interest, not a science background.   This phase of the program will be focusing on the Port Royal Sound watershed as well as the ACE Basin and the Calibogue Sound.  Surprisingly, these areas have not yet been the subject of any wide-spread water quality studies.

Being good stewards of the environment, we can all recognize the critical importance of protecting the health of our marine environment and, consequently, the health of the fishery we all enjoy here in Beaufort County.   This is an opportunity for you to become personally involved in this worthwhile endeavor.   This program is open to all interested parties.

Questions regarding the program and how you can become involved can be directed to the PRSF program coordinator, Chris Kehrer, at: