SIFF – Ric Brown Mentor Program

Jack Baggette, Program Chairperson

What is a mentor program? A mentor program is a voluntary merging of experience with inexperience. New anglers could apply for assistance in any area of fly fishing needed. Experienced club members could agree to serve as mentors and share the skills and knowledge they possess.

Jack Baggette and Ric Brown.

The SIFF – Ric Brown Mentor program honors Ric Brown, a SIFF club member, long time fly fisher, and mentor. The program is designed to benefit the club in its development of beginners and also for experienced fly fishers who need some help. Mentors are volunteers who have the experience and skills needed to assist other members become proficient. Mentors have “been hooked” and have a love of fly fishing that should be shared. They want to play it forward and see others “hooked” also.

Our fishery here in Beaufort County is very different from the normal fresh water fishery. Mostly salt water, our local waters present some unique challenges to members who are new to the area, and or new to fly fishing. SIFF considers this helping hand program to be a primary mission, and encourages all members to take advantage.

Experienced members are asked to volunteer a helping hand to those who need it. New and less experienced members are encouraged to use the mentor program to gain the skills necessary for success on local waters, and for success on any fly fishing venue. Based on data from applications and surveys the club has a need for such a program and it is hoped we can provide one.

Both mentors and program applicants will be asked to fill out a data sheet to refine what help is available and what help may be needed. The club will then assign an appropriate mentor to help the applicant. The program is not intended to be a free guided trip, or a substitute for existing casting and fly tying instruction. It is a helping hand, to share the skills required for success in the local fishery and also for success on wider fly fishing pursuits. We hope the program will result in members who have the necessary skills and knowledge needed to fully enjoy our fishery and become life long fly anglers.

If you are interested in participating, either as a mentor or as a mentoree, please fill out the appropriate questionnaire below:

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